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amiller October 2012

Corporate America makes so many products that are unneccessary.
We need Earth's resources not trivalities made of oil that are imported to benefit
corporate CEOs not the needs of the people.

 Corporate America is responsible for the rise
of the CO2 and decrease in available oxygen.
and you thought you could use the getting older CARD. We need to use the less consumption
and question the resources from which
our items are grown or made CARD.

The CEOs know the alternatives to their resources in manufacturing, however, they are much too slow in relationship to the melting Artic, glaciers, Antartic,
and, they need to get on with cutting the waste,replacing non-renewables with recycled and bio- sources.

The multi national natural gas corporations are trying to run a pipeline from Texas to Canada. The purpose is carrying natural gas from the most difficult to extract the natural gas from the dirty tar sands of Canada to refineries in Texas. This process will require much water for steam processes. This means we are grabbing at straws from depleted sources.

We need sustainable resources for energy.

What is the plan? For citizens to adopt a corporation and find out their resources and show them that their product can be made of less toxic substances and it costs less to make it in America because of all the diesel that a major diesel guzzling transporting goods boat.

We also need to examine the necessity of the product and prepare a list of items that could replace what they make if what they make is unnecessary and costs the environment dearly.

This Planet Earth is an incrediblly magnificent sphere of elements that house multiple Kingdoms of Life that interconnect their existence because of the nourishment of the elments. Only humanity has changed the gaseous exchange, the mineral abundance in original content, the overuse of non-renewables, the excuses and attempted Public Relations compensations that will not bring back the minerals and materials that the last hundred years has devastated.

Beyond the serving of necessities, we have decorated and entertained ourselves with that which should have stayed in the tectonic plates, and, therefore, would not have overwhelmed the air and polluted the water.

The fact that we did not create this Planet should give us the understanding that we should not be wasting intelligensia and resources thinking we can create another one in particle accelerators.

We can't continue the waste of foreign occupations that use intense amount of concrete and forests and minerals to rebuild because we dropped bombs on them. We are building hotels in Iraq most likey to keep our finger on the pulse of Iraque oil and have luxurious accomodations.

and the level of entertainment is sickening with hotels spewed all over the tropical islands even to the point of a man made island on which people can snow ski and surf.
How much energy does this require?


Other results of Corporate America for profit economics is very challenged health of Americans with asmtha around factories and refineries and money robbed from social programs and subsidizing loan compaines, banks, investment firms, and oil companies.

If people could respect the Earth and stop the jet setting to chase ball games, parties, lovers and get to the business of decreasing our carbon footprint, then, we might stop offending the Creator and He may intervene with some healing for the Planet Earth.


If my people will humble themselves
and pray, then, will I hear
from heaven and heal their land.