To the water unwise, it is time to become aware of depleted aquifers, wells, rivers, glaciers before our leaders stand up and ration. Farmers in North County San Diego are living with strict water conservation measures and yet the public can bath every day. Sponge baths are in order at least three times a week, if we expect food and bathing. Instead of owning up to our melting planet, people cut down trees which do their part in contributing to evaporation. We plant concrete, and, now, we will experience water shortages. The reservoirs are critically low and may affect the agricluture in the the Central Valley. We aren't speaking about wells running low or some fragile wetlands in the Sacremento Delta that may threaten supplies until repaired, we are speaking about all water supplies and in reservoirs. Preachers need to preach water shortage, facilities need to check for leaks, grass should be replaced with California natives. Here is a list of observations. I will make this interactive at another time in history.EY


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