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amiller Staff writer Global Harmany Writer September 2012


We, the undersigned do support The American Jobs Act and the Share the Job Program. This program will put everyone back to work. The oil companies, billionaires and corporations who have back and current tax charges will finance the program. The program works by having two people work the same job. They split the hours so they have 20 hours a week and have the same or better pay and full benefits. Benefits at this time are slippiping rapidly, and the unions that defend them are under attack by the wealthy.

We will be downsizing campaign contributions, highly paid T.V. advertisements, unnecessary grants, and military Research and Development: that is Big Government. Big Government is not After School Programs, Birth Control Clinics, Schools K- University, Health Care, Food Stamps which we won't need nearly as much if we have Share a Job. We will be spending our money on increased labor force so that everyone who wants a job will have one and still have time for church, family, friends, community restoration, economc recovery, debt relief. People will not be able to work a second job if it takes someone else's job.


This financing is rightfully ours because corporations are not persons, and they are not paying their taxes as businesses. This is the trickle up efffect. When people work, they can afford to go back in their homes and pay for food and clothing. Prayerfully they will remember how they did without trivalites and stop the mass over consumption.

Unemployment will decrease dramatically. The strain and drain on Earth's reources will drop because people will work in already existing buildings and not build new ones because venues that already have jobs will be adding twice as many people even though it is the same job. Everyone wins because corporations will feel the profits of people participating in purchasing food and necessities. They will be complimented for reopening industry and manufacturing in America. There are many vacant buildings at this time.


If we do not apply twice as many jobs therapy to the economy, then, we can expect some angry workers who will be relying on Big Govenment to continue their unemployment, and. then, some very unfortunate anachical behavior. Avoid this demise to American society with its resounding waves throughout the world and get down to supporting Share A Job. We can start that without National approval. We need to contact the wealthy in our on neighborhoods to give over a few million to start the program. They just have to donate to their local schools put the laid off teachers back on
2. to local factories who have sent jobs over seas,
3. to police, firemen, hospitals that have these cutbacks.

Schools, local factories, small businesses, local farmers, libraries, firemen, are not Big Government, they are the breathe, the roots, the internal structure of the nation.

Developers who have recieved a bail out from Obama because they gave him campaign contributions do not offer secure jobs. They offer a few months on the job and then go find another job. Share a Job offers secure jobs in established businesses with benefits. The building industry will be decreased and the stores and services that we need will be the job market.

Repair this nation before something happens to it!!!!!